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The Weekly IRC RPG Club

This will be the place that I post information on D&D and other IRC Role playing events. For now it's going to be fairly empty, but as soon as the latest game I'm starting gets going I'll put logs and character sheets and stuff here.

Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 System Resource Document

This is a PDF document of Wizards' free open gaming version of Dungeons and Dragons. Not lacking all the visual goodies of the actual books, but good for cheap bastards who still want to play.

Top 10 Reasons to DM online

10) You don't need a DM screen
9) You can give instructions to one player/assistant dm without everyone knowing that you are
8) You don't have to buy munchies to bribe people to come to your campaign
7) You don't have to pronounce names
6) Logs to prove what people have said already
5) Funky d rolls
4) Everyone can talk at once and still be heard
3) Easy to distinguish between out of character and in character discussions
2) Can link to a picture of the creature they're fighting without the chance of them seeing what the creature is
1) You can DM nekid

Season 2 Campaign!

This is the main WIRCRPG event. It takes place every Friday and Saturday night from 11pm til 1am.

Dungeon Hacks

These are mini campaigns that we decide to run when we don't have everyone for the Season 2 Campaign

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