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My Applications

I love programming even more than I love Photoshopping. These are some of the applications that I've written in the past.

Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Digital Character Sheet v3.2

I wrote this little app because I was sick of using shitty text based character sheets since they're not just the same as a nice crisp D&D 3.5 sheet. I took the PDF file from Wizards' website, turned it into two JPEG images, then added assloads of text boxes and labels. I am pretty sure I got all the kinks worked out in this release. If any of you D&D freaks check this place out please download this and E-Mail me some thoughts on it. ^_^

Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 Digital Character Sheet v3.2 Source Code

The source code, forms, and various bits and pieces of this great little app. If there's anything you want to improve upon, edit for your own liking, etc here's your chance to do so. If you do happen to make any changes, feel free to e-mail me the updated source and I just might add it into an official version.

Target Practice

This first one is a Target Practice game I wrote in C++ for DOS and TI-83/83+. It's loosely based on Perfect Dark's target practice cuz I was playing it and was like "hmm, i can make a target practice game kinda like that..." -- Woo for 2D games using text for sprites ^_^

PD Rank Finder

This one was my first Borland C++Builder App. I based it on a java script an old Perfect Dark website had before it went under. Basically it's used to figure out what you have to do to raise your rank in the PD Multiplayer games.

PD Puzzle

This is a crappy VB puzzle I made when I was toying with the craptasticness that is VB.

DVD Database

This is one of my pride and joys of C++. Junior year in HS my Comp Sci class was assigned to write a program that uses just about everything we learned in the year: classes, functions, file saving, linked lists, etc. I made a DVD database... What does this have to do with gaming? Well, there are video game movies and I'm sure you DVD buying people out there have at least one or two of those great Video Game Movies :P This prog was written for DOS as well.

Algebra 2 Collection

This is a collection of several helpful Alegbra 2 programs including a quadradic equation simplifier (shows a quadradic equation in simplest radical form and decimal form), an imaginary number simplifier (takes i^X and finds true value), a factorial finder (finds the decimal value of 70! and higher), a radical simplifier (shows a radical in simplest form - works for any root!), a synthetic division solver, and a system solver (takes Ax+By=C and Dx+Ey=F and solves for x and y). All programs are 100% accurate! See readme for more info on each program. A minor bug in which the quadradic formula solver wouldn't calculate non-simplifiable discriminates properly was fixed and I added the synthetic division solver.


Nibbles!!! This was really my first dive into the world of programming. I noticed some bugs in the nibbles game that I downloaded for my calculator so along with fixing them I edited the code a bit more and added some new features.


Here's a simple Binary->Hex->Decimal conversion system. We were learning such things in my Computer Science class Sophmore year in High School so I wrote this little diddy.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the site, please email them to frozen@frozen-solid.net

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