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Random Insanity

This is just for miscellaneous crap that doesn't fit anywhere else...

My MP3 Playlist - Last Updated 01/19/04

I got some cool software to htmlify my winamp playlist. I'll update this semi-frequently so that when I host radio you can make requests and know what I actually have. If there's music I'm missing you think I should have (and can get for free LEGALLY) let me know.

My Applications

This is a listing of random applications that I've written in C++, TI-Basic, whatever I managed to do some coding in.

Magic the Gathering D&D Items

This is a massive collection of Magic the Gathering cards that I have converted into as items for Dungeons and Dragons.

American History X - Literary Analysis

I wrote this for my film as literature class, just a 5 page literary analysis of the movie American History X.

Children and Violent Video Games: Who is to Blame?

My Composition II research paper on violent video games. I'm too lazy to fix some of the spelling and grammatical issues in it, but it's an A paper anyway ^_^ - I like how I used DBG as my primary source.

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