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Desktop Themes

I'll be posting any cool desktop themes that I put together in the future here. If you're interested in some of my older themes I've included the links below.

Perfect Dark

This was my first desktop theme. I made it on a crappy 486 Compaq Deskpro, the first computer I had all to myself. The site was my first actual jump into making websites, and it sucks... but there are some other cool goodies there too.

Bubblegum Crisis

My second desktop theme turned out a LOT better than my first one. I ripped the sounds on this one to my 233 Crapard Bell which had a decent sound card and recording software. Once again on my crappy Tripod site, man I sucked back then...

The Legend of Zelda

This was the first theme I made for GameCube Café. It didn't quite turn out the way I hoped it would, but it was decent enough.

Metroid Prime

I still love this theme, a great sound ripping job, awesome icons and wallpaper, and last I checked it nearly had 40,000 downloads since I put it up. w00t. Also the first theme I made entirely on my Laptop.

Enter the Matrix

I'm a HUGE fan of The Matrix so as soon as the game came out I had it picked up and put this theme together. It's easily the best sound ripping job I've ever done to date. The wallpaper, icons, and cursors are all really cool.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the site, please email them to frozen@frozen-solid.net

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