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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who the hell are you, and why do you have a website?

A. That's an easy one. My name is Matt Schraeder, also known as Frozen-Sold in the world of the intraweb. I'm 19 and am currently enrolled at Lincoln Land Community College (aka Loser's Last Chance College). I made this website because after I left my job as Webmaster for GameCube Café, I no longer had a place to throw cool Photo shops and other random crap that I've done including Desktop Themes and even some C++ apps that I write.

Q. Wait a minute... I knew this site looked familiar, you stole GameCube Café's layout you hacker! I'm going to report you to the police for hacking and I'm going to tell the owners of GameCube Café that you hacked them!!!

A. Jeez, calm down. I did not hack anything. The layout you see was coded by me for GameCube Café and was given permission by Matthew Silver, owner of GameCube Café, to use the layout on my own site as well.

Q. Oh... uh... okay then...

A. Just ask the next question -_-'

Q. I was getting to that...

A. Liar.

Q. Bite me. Anyway, as I was going to say before you so rudely interrupted ... what's with the insane penguin?

A. Well excuuuuuuuuuuse me for wanting to move along the FAQ here, dick. That "insane penguin" is Tux, beloved mascot for Linux, which is the best operating system ever.

Q. Dur, I know who Tux is you freaking idiot... why's he frozen and insane?

A. Ah, yes. I named him Frozen Tux, cuz he's my personalized version of Tux... you know since I am also frozen. As for the insane thing, that came as an afterthought. I am insane, and am a huge pyro. When it came time to name this site, Elzie_Ann, a good friend of mine online said I should name it "Frozen's Lair of Burnination" or something equally pyromaniacish. That's how I came up with Burninating Insanity, and promptly made a new version of Frozen Tux. Fear him.

Q. Fear? But he's so cute /me huggles it ^_^

A. Exactly, he's cute... yet insane... so you never know when he might just snap on you >:)

Q. Right... so what kind of word is "burnination," it sounds made up.

A. You obviously don't read Home Star Runner

Q. Whosawhana?

A. It's this awesome site with all sorts of hysterical Macromedia Flash movies you sick deprived person.

Q. So how'd you come up with the name "Frozen-Solid"?

A. Well, when we first got the internet we used AOL for a month (since it was free and all) and I was trying every version of MJ (my initials) with random crap after it and the only thing that seemed to work was MJCompPro, which was retarded. Anyhoo, I stuck with that even after getting a local non-sucky ISP cuz I really didn't give a damn until I started playing Half-Life online. I figured "MJCompPro" sounded pussy compared to some of the cool shit you see in HL Servers. So I asked myself, "What would be a cool name?" and so it was.

Q. You didn't answer my question...

A. Yes I did.

Q. No you ... oooooh! Cool, Frozen, I get it... that's pretty clever.

A. No it's not, it's cool.

Q. Enough with the puns already...

A. A king tells his court jester "One more bad pun and I'll have you hanged..." so the jester says "no noose is good noose."

Q. ...

A. Hurry up with the question asking.

Q. Don't rush me

A. In soviet Russia you'd rush me!!!11!1!1!!

Q. That doesn't even make any sense...

A. Exactly.

Q. Were you always this insane?

A. No, it took years of practice and talking to morons like yourself

Q. Wait, aren't you the one writing this entire FAQ? So aren't you just like calling yourself a moron?

A. Yes. er... I mean no... I mean ... shut up.

Q. Riiiiight... back to the questions... What does it mean on your Photoshops when it says drawn by someone else, but inked and Photoshopped by you?

A. Good question. Inking means I take the original pencil drawing by whoever go over it in a nice solid thick line. Photoshopping refers to coloring the image and making it look cool.

Q. Oh, so you're a tracer.

A. I'm not a tracer! Inking refers to adding more depth and clarity to the image. Only THEN is the drawing complete.

Q. You take an original drawing, and TRACE over it in such a way that you don't exceed the original art... I call that tracing.

A. Do you want to ask another question or not... I don't have time for this crap.

Q. No, I want to ask questions to the REAL artists, not some fucking TRACER.


Q. I'm out of here, fucking tracer... **leaves**

A. YOUR MOTHER WAS A TRACER!!!! Damn, he's gone... oh well. Below you'll find a changelog of the site in case you're wondering how it's evolved since first going online...

Version 1.4 Changes:

New Java Chat using PJIRC, w00t.

Version 1.3 Changes:

Rearranged the WIRCRPG Section a bit

Version 1.2 Changes:

Minor menu bar changes
Fixed LJ script as LJ changed their layout a bit

Version 1.1 Changes:

Added Random Insanity Section
Few minor stylesheet changes and misc. coding

Version 1.0 Changes:

Perfected the Live Journal CGI Script
Finished FAQ Page

Version 0.93 Changes:

Fixed the CGI script to replace the friends and recent entries links so that they also have my custom format

Version 0.92 Changes:

MegaByte comes through again! He wrote me a little cgi script that pulls the body of my LJ from LJ's site and copies it into my homepage. Now friendly for all resolutions 1024x768 and higher!

Version 0.9 Changes:

Moved version log off of homepage and into FAQ
Tweaked the LJ frame to work better with the homepage of the site
Added Photo Gallery
Added WIRCRPG Section
Added FAQ
Added Desktop Themes
Removed LJ Link from Menu bar

Version 0.7 Changes:

Thanks to Sodge I got a way to get my LJ on here without paying the dirty bastards. ^_^ Once the site is fully complete I'll move the version changes to the FAQ and use my LJ as the homepage here. All my updates will be posted on my LJ, hurray for easy updating!

Version 0.6 Changes:

New links added... still looking for a Machall link image :\
First real content! Photoshop gallery uploaded
Minor coding changes and such

Version 0.5 Changes

New links added... still looking for an 8bit and Machall link image :\
Fixed fugly colors for the homepage layout
Made custom colored scrollbar for you shitty IE bastards

Version 0.4 Changes:

Gamehikers Chat added to Interactive
Homepage layout

Version 0.3 Changes:

Added text to header images
Changed background color of center area
Added links section

Version 0.2 Changes:

Fixed the backgrounds of the header images

Version 0.1:

The Site is live! w00t!
Props to MegaByte for the kickass server

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the site, please email them to frozen@frozen-solid.net

The entire contents of this website, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright © 2003-2005 Matt Schraeder. All Rights Reserved. (TM) and © for all products, characters, and indicia related thereto which are contained herein are owned by the companies who market or license those products.

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